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Travel Within

with Love

I am here

A blog that will

inspire, guideaccompany, help, and support

at least, one single person to heal and Rebirth with Love.

Even, if this one single person is, only me, then this page reached its destiny and accomplished what it was supposed to do…

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Why am I Here for You?


Why are You Here for Me?

I feel that I’m destined to tell it all out softly and clearly.

It’s enough of keeping my internal and external voice suppressed and unheard.

So, here I am.

I reached my lowest bottom, for God Knows how many times already, and I really felt that the “Me”, or who I thought of it to be the real “Me”, finally died.

Day after day, the vision to create this beautiful blog was showing up.

So, here I am.

Why “Rebirth with Love”?

In this present moment, I can't really tell you why! I don't have the answer, yet.

"Rebirth with Love" came up one morning, during a sitting meditation, as a clear healing path name to find the natural beauty of thyself, from the inside and the outside. So, here I am, for You, and, for Me.

Have you experienced, or are you , currently, going through

any sort of pain? 

any "dis"ease?

any "dis"comfort?

any disappointment?


toxic relationships and any sort of "abuse"?

If you felt an intuitive and affirmative response to any of the above-mentioned questions,

then this blog is definitely for YOU. 

You are at the Right Place, but surely and definitely, at the Right Moment in your Life, as it's supposed to be...

If you're reading me right now, you were destined to do so... just simply... 

One thing I've learned for sure, is that there are no coincidences in Life, there are only destinies. But the challenge is to be attentive, mindful, and present in order to be conscience of our destined path.

My dear soul, I welcome you in my heart and I embrace you.

Thank you for being here, for You, but certainly, Thank You for being here, for Me.

Let's Begin and Rebirth Softly and Lovingly in this Journey, Together.

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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